TangoFusion Workshop with Sonja

Sonja Armisen was one of the first pure NeoTango DJs, (with mainly Electrotango) she produced 2 electrontango CDs TangoFusionClub Vol 1+2 and started (probably) the first Neotango Milonga in in Europe in 2004. During that time she also created a new dancestyle the TangoFusionDance. Since then she has been djing in a lot of events all over the Tangoworld. During the last years her sets changed to mainly alternative Music, as this gives the posibility of creating very different moodes during a set.

TangoFusionDance Workshop: 14-15 :30Uhr / 20 €

TangoFusionDance combines Tangosteps with freestyle moves. You will learn how to move on your own with Tangosteps (thus no sitting and waiting for a dancepartner during the Milonga) and how to dance Tango with a partner in a very relaxed and creative way. In this Workshop we will focus on Colgadas+Volcadas in TangoFusionDance You do not need to come with a dancepartner !

Workshop Registration : Email Sonja Armisen :  sonja@tangozentrum-muenchen.de

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